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 +[[fec]] (<​string>​) <​variable>​ [<​variable>​ ...] { <​actions>​ } \\
 +[[fec]] <​source_variable>​ <​variable>​ [<​variable>​ ...] { <​actions>​ }
 +The fec command works in the same way as [[fe]], except that it iterates over
 +each character rather than each word.
 +Leading whitespace between the opening parenthesis and first non-whitespace
 +character and trailing whitespace between the final non-whitespace character
 +and the closing parenthesis is ignored. ​ This is probably not the ideal
 +behavior, but it is backwards compatable.
 +The variable list that you pass to the fec command are [[local]] variables, and
 +not global variables. ​ These variables continue to be visible after the fec
 +command finishes.
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