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 +# $EPIC: describe.txt,​v 1.2 2006/07/26 19:47:17 sthalik Exp $
 +__describe__ <​nickname|channel>​ <action description>​
 +__DESCRIBE__ lets you perform an action. ​ It lets you describe what you're
 +doing as though someone is watching you, rather than you telling them.
 +You may send an action to either an individual or to an entire channel.
 +__DESCRIBE__ is identical to [[CTCP]] [[ctcp ACTION|ACTION]]. ​ When sending an
 +action to a channel, it functions identically to the [[ME]] command.
 +Because this makes use of [[CTCP]] (Client To Client Protocol), it is
 +not guaranteed that the person to whom you send the description will 
 +see it properly. ​ If the person'​s client does not properly handle it,
 +you may receive an error message back.  This is normal and may be safely
 +If your nickname is foobar, and you want to send an action to your
 +friend whose nickname is booya:
 +      /describe booya is eating pizza
 +To send an action to channel #blah:
 +      /describe #blah is eating pizza
 +Anyone receiving an action from you will see something like this:
 +      * foobar is eating pizza
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