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 +# $EPIC: dcc_send.txt,​v 1.2 2006/07/26 19:47:17 sthalik Exp $
 +[[dcc]] send [=]<​nick>​ [-p <​port>​] <​file>​ [<​file>​ ...] 
 +Sometimes you want to share a file with another person on irc.  The [[DCC]]
 +__SEND__ command sends an offer to share to another person. The remote client
 +must of course open the connection before the file transfer will begin.
 +You can use [[DCC]] SEND on a [[DCC]] [[DCC CHAT|CHAT]] target; just prefix the
 +[[DCC CHAT]] targets nickname with an equals sign.  This is faster, since the
 +handshake doesn'​t have to go over an irc network, too.
 +You can offer more than one file at a time.
 +If the -p flag is present you may specify the port that the client
 +should use for the connection.
 +======Security Considerations:​======
 +A [[DCC]] SEND provides the recipient with the client'​s IP address. On networks
 +which hide this information,​ this provides a potential way for an attacker to
 +obtain the client'​s IP address through social engineering.
 +To send a file to joebob:
 +      /dcc send joebob somefile
 +To send a file to joebob using port 1234:
 +      /dcc send joebob -p 1234 somefile
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