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 +# $EPIC: dcc_ports.txt,​v 1.2 2009/06/02 15:54:23 kreca Exp $
 +[[load]] dcc_ports \\
 +set dcc_port_min 1024 \\
 +set dcc_port_max 65535
 +This script implements a dcc port range facility. ​ Each time you offer a
 +[[dcc chat]] or [[dcc send]] to someone else, the next open port in the 
 +port range will be used as though you had supplied the -p option to the
 +[[dcc]] command.
 +Changing either value resets the port selection, and the next [[dcc]] will
 +use the first value in the range.
 +This script first appeared in EPIC5-0.3.4.
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