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 +__connect__ <new server> [[<​port>​] <​existing server>]
 +This command is used to connect servers to the irc network. ​ It must be
 +given at least one argument, the name of a remote server to connect to
 +the network. ​ If only one server is given, it is connected to the
 +client'​s server on the default port.  Alternately,​ a specific server
 +and port may be specified.
 +Wildcards are permitted in the server names, if they are unambiguous.
 +To connect to your current server:
 +      /connect
 +To connect with on port 31337 of​
 +      /connect 31337
 +This command is limited to irc operators, for reasons that should be
 +obvious. ​ Further, both servers must have appropriate C: and N: lines
 +in their configuration to allow the connection.
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