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 +======Compile-Time Options Available for EPIC======
 +EPIC supports numerous configuration options that may be selectively included
 +or excluded from the client at compile time.  Since many of these enable or
 +disable certain special features, it is useful to script writers to be able
 +to find out what options are present while the client is running.
 +The $[[info function|info]]() function, used with the `O' command (`oh',
 +not `zero'​),​ will return a text string that represents these options.
 +Each option is assigned unique letter or number to identify it.  The
 +options represented are most of the #define options in the client'​s
 +config.h file.  The default settings would produce the following string:
 +This is a list of the #define options represented. ​ The letter designating
 +each option is listed, followed by its #define name, and whether it is
 +enabled or disabled by default in the config.h.
 +^$info() ^    Name             ​^ ​ Default ​ ^                Description ​                              ^
 +|a  |WIND_STACK ​               |(always) ​  | Local variables are supported |
 +|b  |NO_BOTS ​                  ​|(disabled) | The -b command line option is not available |
 +|c  |COLOR ​                    ​|(always) ​  | Color codes are supported |
 +|e  |EXEC_COMMAND ​             |(enabled) ​ | The [[exec command|exec]] command is available |
 +|f  |USE_FLOW_CONTROL ​         |(enabled) ​ | Hardware flow control is turned on |
 +|g  |INCLUDE_GLOB_FUNCTION ​    ​|(always) ​  | The [[glob]] function is available|
 +|h  |IMPLIED_ON_HOOKS ​         |(enabled) ​ | You can set implied on hooks |
 +|i  |MIRC_BROKEN_DCC_RESUME ​   |(enabled) ​ | DCC RESUME is supported |
 +|k  |HACKED_DCC_WARNING ​       |(disabled) | The hostname of a dcc offer is matched against the irc hostname of the sender |
 +|l  |LONG_LONG ​                ​|(depends) ​ | Client supports 64 bit integers |
 +|m  |NEW_CONTROL_C_COLOR ​      ​|(always) ​  | Use /SET COLOR instead of /SET CONTROL_C_COLOR |
 +|n  |ALLOW_LONG_NICKNAMES ​     |(always) ​  | Nicknames can be the full length of what the server supports |
 +|t  |I_DONT_TRUST_MY_USERS ​    ​|(disabled) | Prohibit sending of files starting with /etc or ending with /passwd, if your users are both untrustworthy,​ and complete morons. |
 +|u  |UNAME_HACK ​               |(disabled) | Don't include the real OS name in [[ctcp version]] |
 +|x  |EXPERIMENTAL_STACK_HACK ​  ​|(always) ​  | Doing /STACK PUSH of an undefined assign/​alias/​set/​on pushes an empty value placeholder instead of failing silently |
 +|z  |ALLOW_STOP_IRC ​           |(always) ​  | The [[bind stop_irc]] keybinding is available |
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