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 +# $EPIC: autojoin.txt,​v 1.2 2007/03/04 18:34:32 jnelson Exp $
 +[[load]] autojoin \\
 +[[set]] autocreate_split_channels [ON|OFF|TOGGLE] \\
 +[[join]] #​chan1[,#​chan2...] [key[,​key]...]
 +Note: this script may be replaced with a different script in the future,
 +so this information is subject to change.
 +When you load this script, it reads the file %%~/​.irc/​channels%% which
 +should contain records of the form
 + <​channel>​ <​winnum>​ <​group>​ [key]
 +such as in:
 + #epic 2 efnet
 + #test321 3 efnet test.8
 +For each channel in your %%channels%% file, when you connect to a server
 +belonging to the appropriate group, the client will join the channel and put
 +that channel in the numbered window, creating the window if necessary.  ​
 +If you later kill that window, the client will automatically [[part]] the 
 +channel (which is different from the default behavior, which is to move the 
 +channel to another window).
 +If [[set]] autocreate_split_channels is OFF (the default), then when the
 +client creates a new window it will be a [[window new_hide|hidden window]].  ​
 +If it is ON, then the new window will be a [[window new|split window]].
 +This script first appeared in EPIC5-0.3.1.
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