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 +# $EPIC: asciiq.txt,​v 1.2 2007/02/15 03:53:35 jnelson Exp $
 +$[[asciiq]](<​[[ctcp encoded]] character list>)
 +The [[asciiq]] function performs ctcp dequote on the arguments and then
 +converts the resulting sequence of characters into a word list
 +of codepoints. ​ Because EPIC only supports latin-1 at this time, all of 
 +the codepoints are 0 to 255 (strictly 1 byte per codepoint). ​ If in the 
 +future epic supports UTF8 or something like that, codepoints greater than 
 +255 might be returned.
 +You can use the [[chrq]] function to convert a word list of codepoints into
 +a sequence of characters. ​ The same caveats about encoding applies.
 +By definition, the [[asciiq]] and [[chrq]] functions are symmetrically
 +reverse operations of each other.
 +A ctcp quoted string is nominally 8 bit clean. ​ You would usually have
 +one of these strings from [[dcc raw]] that is in quoted mode, from [[chrq]],
 +or from [[readb]].
 +The [[asciiq]] function first appeared in EPIC4-1.1.8.
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