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 +# $EPIC: dcc_resume.txt,​v 1.6 2006/08/01 02:45:08 sthalik Exp $
 +[[dcc]] resume [=]<​nick>​ <​file>​
 +If a previous [[DCC]] [[DCC GET|GET]] file transfer from another person did not
 +complete successfully,​ you may be left with a partial file.  Normally, you
 +would have to start over again, but if you are trying to get a very large file,
 +you may not want to start over again.
 +Certain other irc clients for non-unix platforms implement this DCC
 +transfer mode, whereby a file transfer which was previously incomplete
 +may be resumed at the point the previous transfer stopped. ​ The manner
 +in which two clients negotiate a resumed transfer violates the irc
 +protocol in two manners and so is in disfavor among certain people.
 +However, if violating the rules of irc doesn'​t bother you and the 
 +warning that using this feature could cause your connection to get
 +into an infinite loop with another client doesn'​t alarm you, then you can use
 +this feature to resume a previously incomplete /[[DCC]] [[DCC GET|GET]].
 +It is necessary for your epic client to have been compiled with
 +[[compile_opts|#​define]] MIRC_BROKEN_DCC_RESUME (it is by default). ​ You can
 +check this by examining $info(o) and if it includes the letter '​i'​ then this
 +was #​define'​d. ​ It is necessary for you to have /[[SET]] [[set
 +After you have taken these steps, you may use /[[DCC]] RESUME to restart ​
 +the file transfer where it left off.
 +Not all remote clients are capable of [[DCC]] RESUME. ​ If you attempt to [[DCC]]
 +RESUME with someone whose client does not support it, the entire transfer may
 +fail and you may have to start over.  Check to make sure that the other person
 +is OK with you doing DCC RESUME before you try.
 +To restart a transfer with joebob:
 +  /dcc resume joebob somebigfile
 +The /[[DCC]] RESUME feature first appeared in EPIC4pre1.049.
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