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 +# $EPIC: dcc_chat.txt,v 1.3 2007/02/02 23:28:03 jnelson Exp $
 +[[dcc]] chat <nick> [-p <port>]
 +[[DCC]] CHAT offers to another user, or accepts an offer from another user,
 +for a direct connection between your clients.  This direct connection allows
 +you to talk to that person without the messages passing through any irc 
 +Because the messages are not sent over irc, they are both less prone to
 +snooping by others on irc, and they are delivered faster and have 
 +guaranteed delivery (which irc does not guarantee because of netsplits).
 +Because the messages are not sent over irc, it requires that the other 
 +peer know your IP address.  This may be undesirable if your hostname is
 +spoofed on the network.  Do not offer (or accept) dcc connections with
 +those who you do not want to know your ip address.
 +To send a message across a [[DCC]] CHAT connection, use the [[MSG]]
 +command as you normally would, but prefix the other person's <nick> with
 +an equals-sign ('=').  The <nick> is the one that you gave to the
 +original [[DCC]] CHAT command.  Even if they change their nickname on
 +irc, you must still refer to them by the nickname you gave to [[DCC]] CHAT.
 +You can change the <nick> with [[DCC]] [[DCC RENAME|RENAME]].
 +You can send a [[CTCP]] command across a [[DCC]] CHAT connection (allowing you
 +to initiate a [[DCC]] [[DCC SEND|SEND]], for example), if the remote client
 +supports CTCP-over-DCC.  EPIC clients will work; others may or may not.
 +The [[DCC]] CHAT connection persists until either the connection is 
 +voluntarily closed by either party using [[dcc]] [[dcc close|close]], or
 +when either party terminates their client.
 +If you offer a [[DCC]] CHAT connection and the other person does not accept it,
 +you can re-tender the offer by using [[DCC]] CHAT again.  This will send a
 +duplicate [[CTCP]] message to the other peer, to let them know that you are
 +still offering the connection.
 +If the -p flag is present you may specify the port that the client
 +should use for the connection.
 +All the usual caveats about using [[dcc]] behind a NAT router apply.
 +   /dcc chat bob Offer a DCC CHAT connection to "bob" on
 + the current network.
 +   /msg =bob Hi there bob! Send a message to "bob" over DCC CHAT after
 + bob has accepted the connection.  If bob
 + changes his nickname on irc, you would still
 + use "=bob" to send him a DCC CHAT message.
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