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 +[[ctcp]] //<​target>//​ clientinfo //<ctcp command>//​
 +This CTCP request roughly acts as a "​help"​ command. ​ If you do not
 +provide any arguments, the other person'​s client will give you a list
 +of which CTCP requests it supports. ​ If you give it an argument, the 
 +other person'​s client will give you information about its implementation
 +of that CTCP request.
 +Some CTCP commands are intended for internal use only.  Avoid direct use
 +of //ctcp dcc//, //ctcp errmsg//, and //ctcp sed//.
 +Many clients may not fully support
 +[[ctcp clientinfo]].
 +To find out which CTCP requests john's client supports:
 +      /ctcp john clientinfo
 +To get more information on CTCP VERSION from joebob: ​
 +      /ctcp joebob clientinfo version
 +# $EPIC: ctcp_clientinfo.txt,​v 1.3 2006/07/24 19:50:14 sthalik Exp $
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