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 +# $EPIC: chanmode.txt,​v 1.3 2006/07/17 20:15:25 sthalik Exp $
 +$__chanmode__(<​channel list>)
 +   * If the <channel list> argument is omitted, the current channel is used.  THIS MAY NOT BE THE CORRECT CHANNEL IN AN /ON!
 +   * <channel list> is taken as a word list (space separated) of channel names. ​ The asterisk ("​*"​) is a special channel name that refers to the current window'​s current channel. ​ THIS MAY NOT BE THE CORRECT CHANNEL IN AN /[[ON]]!
 +   * The return value is a word list of channel modes corresponding in order to <channel list>​. ​ If a specified channel in <channel list> does not have a key, the asterisk ("​*"​) character will indicate that there is "no mode".
 +   * You must be on the channel.
 +   * Before the /[[ON CHANNEL_SYNC]] for the channel is thrown, this function may return "no mode" ("​*"​);​
 +   * Channel modes may include spaces, but the return value will not surround each channel'​s mode with double-quotes. ​ This may be enough of a problem that you probably should avoid requesting more than one channel'​s mode at a time, even though you technically can.
 +This function is used to fetch a channel'​s mode.  Any number of channels
 +may be specified, though the output could be confusing if some have the
 +channel modes that take arguments set.  You must be on the channels or
 +you will get the "no mode" indicator ("​*"​).
 +A list of channel modes for a list of given channels. ​ The "​*"​ is used
 +as an indicator of "no modes" for the channel. ​ There shouldn'​t be any
 +error condition returned by this function.
 +This function first appeared in EPIC3pre7.
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