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 +# $EPIC: altchan.txt,​v 1.5 2007/03/16 23:04:42 jnelson Exp $
 +The author of this script (blackjac) says this help file is out of date.
 +It needs to be updated by someone. ​ Please remove this notice when you do.
 +[[load]] altchan
 +The [[altchan]] script allows you to toggle between hidden windows 1 through
 +20 easily. ​ Press Esc+1 (or Alt+1) to toggle between windows 1 and 11,
 +Esc+2 for windows 2 and 12, etc, up through Esc+0 for windows 10 and 20.
 +You can also use Esc+? to be prompted for a window number. ​ Press 
 +Esc+- (or Alt+-) to swap to the previous hidden window, or 
 +Esc+= (or Alt+=) to swap to the next hidden window.
 +The [[altchan]] script firat appeared in epic4-1.1.1.
 +A new version of the script was written by blackjac for epic5-0.0.6.
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