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 +# $EPIC: addset.txt,v 1.3 2012/07/04 06:30:23 jnelson Exp $
 +[[load]] addset \\
 +addset //<name>// //<type>// //<block>// \\
 +delset //<name>//
 +Add or delete builtin [[set]] variables.
 +This script creates the **addset** and **delset** aliases.  which allow you
 +to create and delete your own [[set]] variables.
 +The [[set]] variables created with addset are full blown first class [[set]]
 +variables and act in exactly the same way as builtin variables.
 +The //name// of a set can be any valid variable name.  It should begin
 +with a letter, and contain only letters, numbers, or the underscore.  
 +Each [[set]] variable has a //type//
 +^ Type ^ Possible values ^
 +| BOOL | Can either be [[set]] to ON or OFF |
 +| STR  | Can be set to any valid C string (no nuls) |
 +| INT  | Can be set to any integer 0 to 2 ^ 32 |
 +| CHAR | Can be set to any single character value |
 +You can only **delset** variables that you have created with **addset**; you
 +cannot delete the client's builtin [[set]] variables.
 +The [[addset]] script was written for EPIC5 by blackjac, to supercede the
 +temporary [[set]] -create feature.
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